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Joel Montano

I'm a self taught programmer, currently working in product at Microsoft. I also advise Contenda on their growth and GTM strategy. Always happy to chat about my experiences in either! :)

I'm not tied to a specific industry and like to keep my interests broad. I know many of you have already tabbed out cause I'm another lowly "generalist" but I figured I'm too new to devote my career to a specific vertical, idk what half of them even are yet... One unifying theme is I want to build products that are solving hard problems and are easily accessible. Professionally, I've just worked in product but I'm interested in engineering, growth, and gtm roles as well!

Work stuff aside, I've been a fan of 100t through the "dark days", fan of the only relevant sport leagues in the US (I'll let you decide which those are) and I'm finally getting back into weightlifting and bougie traveling after the pandemic stole them from me. I'm always looking to meet and chat with new people, don't be afraid to DM me on Twitter if you wanna be friends or add me on LinkedIn if don't want me to take 3 months to get back to you.